Argenica Therapeutics Limited (ASX:AGN) is developing novel neuroprotective therapeutics to reduce brain damage after stroke

Every 19 minutes someone in Australia will suffer a new stroke. Globally, there were 13 million people who experienced a stroke for the first time in their lives in 2019. When a stroke strikes, it can cause lasting brain damage, long term disability, and even death. Protecting the brain is crucial for improving patient outcomes and recovery.

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About Argenica Therapeutics

A clinical drug development company developing novel therapeutics for stroke and other types of neural injury

Based on research from The University of Western Australia and the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, Argenica’s lead candidate ARG-007 aims to protect brain cells and reduce cell death following a stroke, and other types of neural injury, in order to minimise the impact of these conditions and improve patient recovery.

Our aim is for ARG-007 to be administered by first responders to protect brain tissue against damage during a stroke with further potential to enhance recovery once a stroke has taken place. Our investor center will provide you all the information you need to stay across the details for investing in Argenica Therapeutics (ASX: AGN) as we bring this exciting product to market.

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Therapeutic Drug Development

Developing a "best in class" novel neuroprotective therapeutic

Our lead neuroprotective peptide candidate, ARG-007, has been successfully demonstrated in pre-clinical animal models of stroke showing a reduction in brain cell death and is in the process of being verified for its safety and toxicity before commencing Phase 1 clinical trials in humans.

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